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James Watson Homer

My dream? To be a part of the race towards the Singularity.

2021 - Now

I am currently studying in Sweden at The International Highschool (of the Gothenburg Region) under the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Studying the subjects: Maths AA HL, Physics HL, Computer Science HL, English A Lang Lit SL, Swedish ab initio SL and History SL. At school I've developed not only Mathematical and Computational knowledge but grown as a person. My Extended Essay is on mathematical capability of quantised transformer based Large Language models.


At age 13, self initiated learning led me to explore Java through Minecraft plugins, eventually mastering Java and expanding my repertoire into C++, Javascript and Python.


🇦🇺 Born in Sydney, Australia



I have a strong passion for music, having played the piano for over 11 years and the trumpet for 9 years. I've played in multiple orchestras and bands and have even played with members of the Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra.

Martial Arts

In addition to my musical endeavors, I have also been practicing Judo for 4 years. Judo has not only enhanced my physical capabilities but also instilled in me the values of respect, perseverance, and resilience. The practice of Judo has been a transformative journey, helping me build character and strength both on and off the mat.

Languages and Technologies